Embedded Solution

Embedded System exists in various forms across industries and serves as a critical factor determining quality and competitiveness.

Solution Group provides a comprehensive one-stop solution required in developing Embedded System from analyzing customer requests, design, coding to testing. This way, it aims to significantly enhance customer productivity and efficiency in development.

M2M/IoT Solution

M2M refers to communications of 'Machine-To-Machine', 'Mobile-to-Machine' and 'Machine-to-Mobile'.M2M refers to machine-to-machine communications and that between human-operated device and machine. In broader sense, it may also mean overarching solution that can verify objects, vehicles, status and location of a person in remote places via communications and IT technology convergence.IoT is an abbreviation of Internet of Things, which means the environment where information is shared through wired and wireless network between things in life. Solution IT is an expert in developing various IoT solutions and platforms using accumulated technology.

M2M Embedded System Development Expert

Solution Group is a company that develops, manufactures and sells electronic payment system via development technology of terminals such as credit cards, IC cards and Dongle. Our company is currently focusing on nurturing Embedded System for M2M as our strategic business and offering products like food waste disposal treatment system, liquor authenticity verification system and smart card payment system.
Our company is showing continued growth based on different and advanced technology such as M2M communications system, diverse payment system and controller development technology and sales capability.


Solution Group, an expert in developing M2M and Embedded System, is opening a new chapter in the IT sector.


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